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The Zeta Paste grades are VOC and APEO free aqueous pigment pastes developed to tint industrial coatings. Coatings based on acrylic, alkyd, 2pack polyurethane, 2pack epoxy, and other binders. The Zeta pastes are highly concentrated so that an addition of 10% by weight should be sufficient to obtain hiding. Colour strength of the pastes is constant, by weight and by volume.

The Zeta Paste pigment pastes are made by a Dutch coating producer having more than 150 years experience in various coatings. These pigment pastes are developed with the main focus on the coating therefore having an optimal effect in colour and coatings quality. Colours developed through the eyes of coatings technicians with the goal for the pigment paste to be a constructive part of the coating.

Zeta Paste

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